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Shards: A Mental Health Charity Anthology

Shards: A Mental Health Charity Anthology

Release: 15th May 2024

Digital : $5.99 USD
Paperback : $17.99 B&W  –  $25.99 Colour
Hardcover : $21.99 B&W  –  $64.99 Colour

Step into the depths of the human mind with this haunting collection of dark poetry. Explore the tangled web of mental health, shining a light on the shadows that many face in their everyday lives. Through the verses of each poet, we delve into the raw and visceral experiences of mood, personality, and eating disorders, addiction, grief, cognitive dysfunction, neurodivergence, abuse, and other traumas, and the impact on one’s daily existence.

Witness their battles with inner demons, revealing the tumultuous internal landscapes. Each poem is a window into the fragmented thoughts and experiences of psychological pain, capturing the essence of the relentless struggle to find solace within the chaos.

Shattering stigma, these poets offer an unguarded glimpse into their vulnerabilities. Their words forge connections, reminding readers they are not alone in their struggles.

This anthology is a testament to the power of art in understanding, healing, and empathy. It compels us to confront uncomfortable truths, leaving us with a deeper appreciation for the frailties and complexities that make us who we are.


The proceeds from this anthology will be split between an Australian, and a US based charity. Read More

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