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The World Eats Love by Carol Edwards

The World Eats Love by Carol Edwards

The World Eats Love

Launch Date : 25th April 2023

Digital : $3.99 USD
Print : Paperback $15.00 USD
Hardcover $20.00 USD

ISBN: 978-0-6457856-1-6
ISBN: 978-0-6457856-0-9

In her debut collection, Carol Edwards interlaces a narrative of characters bearing up under the weight of longing, loss, and regret. She unfolds, with reassuring tenderness, a spectrum of experiences: from stolen innocence to wasted time; from insidious monsters to bittersweet loneliness; from the heaviness of broken hearts to the hope of belonging.

She concludes with a short story—a fairy tale, of sorts—to capture in prose themes woven throughout the poems.


CAROL EDWARDS is a northern California native transplanted to southern Arizona.  Her poetry has appeared in several publications, including POETiCA REViEW, Southern Arizona Press, and White Stag Publishing.  Her debut collection, The World Eats Love, will be published by The Ravens Quoth Press in early 2023. 

Find her on Twitter and Facebook @practicallypoet and Instagram @practicallypoetical



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Carol Edwards’ The World Eats Love, is a marvelous poetic collection that needs to be slowly savored whether sitting on a sandy shore with the wafts of sea air or snuggled before an crackling evening fire in a cozy cabin.  These lines of verse need to be slowly sipped like a fine wine.  Each verse takes the reader to a different dimension of thought and contemplation as she takes us through her memories of joy and sorrow and life and loss.  Her words take us on a trip down her memory lane and remind us of our own reminiscences along the way.  She relates through her writing the sadness of losing the joy of youth that we outgrow as we become much too complicated adults.  In short, this is a superb book of poetry that is meant to be enjoyed over and over again.

– Paul Gilliland, Poet and author of Hindsights of 2020¸ The Journey of the Fool, and A Heroic Crown and Other Sonnets. He is also the Editor-in-Chief at Southern Arizona Press.



Edwards’ debut poetry book is a compelling collection of emotionally evocative and intimate poems about loneliness, love, and loss.
The poet prods our humanity, poking us in tender places in all too familiar ways, such as “In Memory,” a poem filled with emphatic longing.
As with most poetry collections, not every poem, resonates for every reader, but this particular collection holds some true gems for this reader, like “From Moonstone Crushed,” “Something Sweet,” “Forbidden,” and “Deep Water,” just to name a few.
The poet takes us to the deep, dark places of soul we have all experienced, digging into the delicate beating heart with honesty and without flinching, rising at the end into light.
Totally worth a read!

– Sharon Skinner, Author of The Healer’s Legacy series, and Certified Book Coach

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