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Frisson First Edition

Frisson First Edition

Launch Date
: 16th February 2023

Digital : $3.99 USD 
Paperback $13.99 USD
Hardcover $17.99 USD

A diverse range of poets have unleashed their macabre visions and crafted haunting verses of horror, suspense, and the supernatural.

From sinister haikus that send shivers down your spine, to elegantly crafted sonnets that explore the unnerving aspects of the human mind, each poem beckons the reader into a realm where nightmares become vividly real. Lose yourself in the labyrinthine darkness with tales of monsters lurking in the night, graveside secrets exposed, and the consuming darkness that lies within the human heart. Be prepared to embrace the frisson of poetic terror as you to turn every page with a mixture of excitement and dread.

Horror & Speculative Verse Featuring:

Ashley Nestler
Avery Hunter
Brian Duran-Fuentes
Carol Edwards
Catherine A. MacKenzie
Corinne Pollard
Damon Hubbs 
Dawn De Braal 
Destiny Pifer 
Engilbert Egill Stefánsson 
Fariel Shafee 
Francis H. Powell 
Gina Easton 
Guy Edward 
Holly Payne-Strange 
Jacek Wilkos 
Jameson Grey 
Jerome Douglas 
Jim Moss 
John Grey 
José Ángel Conde 
Juan Manuel Perez 
K.A. Schultz 
Karuna Mistry 
Kay Hanifen 
Kurt Newton 
Linda Sparks 
Marc Sorondo 
Mark Andrew Heathcote 
Mathew Gostelow 
Max Bindi 
Mehreen Ahmed 
Morgan Chalfant 
Nikki Kossaris 
Rick A. Pearson 
Samantha Arthurs 
S. Jade Path
Tim Law


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