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Don’t Cry on Cashmere by Brianna Malotke

Don’t Cry on Cashmere by Brianna Malotke

Don't Cry on Cashmere

Launch Date : 14th November 2022

Digital : $3.99 USD
Print : Paperback $15.00 USD
Hardcover $20.00 USD

ISBN: 978-0-6454697-6-9
ISBN: 978-0-6454697-7-6

In her debut poetry book exploring the splendour of love, the pain of loss, and the redemptive power of hope, Malotke takes us on an emotional journey that encourages you to embrace the mix of the sweet and the bitter in your experiences.

Don’t Cry on Cashmere is divided into sections that draw on themes of joy, purpose, grief, authenticity, gratitude, and resilience. Each segment walks us through a different kind of heartache, a different kind of beauty—a different kind of healing.

Brianna Malotke is a freelance writer and member of the Horror Writers Association. Ever since she learned to read, she’s loved reading and writing. She currently lives with her husband, dog, and two cats in a non-haunted house full of overflowing bookshelves. 
While most of her work is within the realms of horror and nightmares, she enjoys writing love poems and drabbles. She has poetry in The Spectre Review and The Nottingham Horror Collective. You can find more of her horror work in the anthologies Beautiful Tragedies 2, The Dire CircleUnder Her SkinTheir Ghoulish Reputation, and Out of Time. As far as love and romance goes, she has numerous pieces in the anthologies Worlds ApartOut of Time, and At First Glance by Dark Rose Press. Along with these, you can find more of her poetry in the anthologies BalmTempest, and Cherish by Ravens Quoth Press. She’ll be a “Writer in Residence” at the Chateau d’Orquevaux in France and her first horror poetry collection will be released in 2023. 

Reader Reviews

“Don’t Cry on Cashmere by Brianna Malotke is a collection of poems that chart one woman’s journey through love, loss, and the inevitable search for the answer to the question: Will I ever love again?
This collection is not for everyone. But it is for anyone who has fallen in love and experienced the irreality of finding themselves on an impenetrable island where only two people exist. It is also for those of us who have had that world shattered by unexpected events and have been forced to carry on when it feels like half your soul has been taken.
If you’re looking for heady metaphors and stylish prose, this collection is not for you. Malotke conveys her feelings in simple terms with words that flow directly from the heart. Her poems convey a spirit who is sensitive to all that surrounds her. A spirit that chooses to see the world through a positive lens. 
In a world that seems to grow darker by the day, Don’t Cry on Cashmere is a welcome wellspring of romanticism and hope.”
Kurt Newton, poet & author

Don’t cry on cashmere… because you will stain your lovely sweater. It’s those brushstrokes of everydayness, the realism of commonplace scenes, which is most moving about these poems.
Immersed in the poet’s raw emotion, life goes on around us. We see it all through her eyes, feeling the pain or the joy, and the uncertainty beyond it all. A dread we can all recognize, when love and loss shatter the known world and we are forced to redefine ourselves and our dreams… And all the while the birds tweet, and we see and feel the sunshine… and hope again.
Ximena Escobar, poet & author

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